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Garage Door Repair in Charlotte, NC

Repaired Garage Door - Garage Door Repair

It's a fact of owning a home that when things break you usually need help with the repairs. Whether the spring breaks on your garage door and you need someone to replace it, or the rollers crack and leave you stuck in your garage, the staff at Garage Door Express can handle any kind of garage door repair in Charlotte, NC.

From timely garage roller repair any time of day or night to safe garage spring repair, the team of residential garage door repair specialists at our company is ready to fix your garage door issues. Invite us to give you an honest and accurate estimate on our services. We work on homes with broken garage doors throughout Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia, Indian Trail, and Monroe, North Carolina.

Learn More about Our Garage Roller Repair Services

When the top or bottom roller of your garage door system breaks, you need a professional to replace the damaged equipment. When done incorrectly, this type of job can be dangerous, so we recommend that you don't attempt it yourself and instead give us a call when you need garage roller repair services. We have years of experience and the right tools to handle this job quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Handling Your Garage Spring Repair Needs

Garage doors springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure and they can be incredibly dangerous to replace without the proper experience and equipment. With our garage spring repairs, you can rest assured that we can remove and replace broken and damaged garage springs with ease. Don't take matters into your own hands and risk property damage or injury from a loose spring when the professionals are only one phone call away!

Additional Garage Door Repair Services

While we specialize in springs and rollers, we also offer several additional garage door repair services. From broken motors and opening devices to worn cables and dented panels, we can repair or replace all components of your garage door system.
Contact us today for garage spring, roller, and door repair services anywhere in Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia, Indian Trail, or Monroe, North Carolina.